Hi, I’m Jeannine.

I’m a coach, a leader, a truth-teller.

I coach women entrepreneurs like you to move through fear and resistance so you can promote yourself with confidence, make more money, and have a greater impact.

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Your Bold Badass Business is a 5 week ecourse with a cohort of other powerful women, in which you’ll:

  • Give up doing it all alone
  • Increase your confidence in promoting your work
  • Move past resistance and into action

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The big breakthrough in working with Jeannine was being able to be vulnerable, supported, challenged, and acknowledged. In doing so, I’ve cut through my personal limitations. I stepped into my next level of client engagement.– Sadie Schnitzler, Diwas Photography

During Your Bold Badass Business, my money issue came into light. I’m now rewriting those old stories and have gained confidence in charging more for my services.– Sarah Moon, Zero Balancing Practitioner

Every day I’m taking steps in the directions of my dreams. Jeannine has given me the support, accountability, and guidance I’ve needed.– Betsy Crouch, Co-Founder of ImprovHQ