3 Tools to Speed Up Your Next Breakthrough

You might be wondering why all of your journaling, podcasts, and retreats are still not getting you to that HUGE breakthrough you’ve been wanting. The game changer. The once-and-for-all omg I finally GET IT breakthrough.

There are a few things that you can do to speed up your breakthrough–if you’re willing.

Get Messy. If you’ve been dancing around the subject, keeping it all together with a ribbon around it, and doing it all “right,” you might be avoiding the breakthrough because you’re scared of the breakdown. Breakdowns cause breakthroughs. Are you willing to admit what’s not working for you and give up the need to have everything handled? If it’s all handled, there’s no room for new growth. You must be willing to get into what Brene Brown refers to as the “messy middle” before things get really good. You must get real, vulnerable, and have a good uglyface cry about if need be. Declare the breakdown and let it rip.

Stay messy. Notice how quickly you want to clean it up and pull your act together so no one knows. This is when you want to stay messy and really get the impact about what is no longer working, what you truly desire instead, and what is in the way. Be with the uncomfortableness so that you choose outside of it once-and-for-all.

Share messy. Get supported by your coach, trusted friends, or your partner. There is some serious power if sharing out loud what you are no longer putting up with and what you are now creating. Sharing it allows you to begin to believe it and for others to hear it and provide referrals and resources. Plus, when you share authentically about what is real for you, it gives others permission to get messy, declare the breakdown, and have that game changer breakthrough they’ve been waiting for.

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    That kind of thninkig shows you’re an expert

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