5 Steps Out Of The Self-Doubt Gutter

It’s shocking that so many of us doubt ourselves no matter how many times we’ve received the message that we’re on the right path. When I’m in self-doubt, even the most mundane task seems so daunting that I shut down and procrastinate. I’m not interested in spending my time that way, are you?

If you find yourself in the self-doubt gutter, here are a few steps to get back to your peacefully productive self.

Acknowledge yourself. You’re not going anywhere from that low place, so it’s time to shift your energy and mindset. For me, a physical shift of energy helps. I usually go for a walk outside or have a quick 1 song dance party. Then I write a full page of all the things that I’m proud of, the things that took courage, that tasks I did do–no matter how small. Sometimes when I’m buying into the itty bitty shitty committee in my mind, and I can’t come up with anything. So I ask my wife or a dear friend to acknowledge me. They’ve been trained in this. I’ve let them know what I need when I’m in this place. I encourage you to set this up with you supportive peeps too.

Name the commitment. Ok, now your feeling more lively and remembering that you are capable of getting shit done. Get clear on what you want to get done and commit to by when. That by when is so important. Notice if you want to skip over that part. Bring it to life by sharing it with someone and writing it down. Rather than spinning without focus, you know what you’re creating and what needs to happen.

Break it up into doable chunks. Avoid overwhelming yourself. You don’t need to do it all at once. What needs to happen this week? And when you break that out, what needs to happen today? That’s all there is to focus on right now. Give yourself reasonable tasks that are doable each week and take it one step at a time. Hint: Make sure that your other obligations and your self-care are factored into your weekly schedule too. Otherwise you set yourself up to not meet your weekly goal and end up back in the self-doubt gutter.

Get in action. You can commit, you can uplevel your manifestation skills, but taking action is crucial in creating your results. Begin taking small actions. Recognize that you’re someone who does what you say you’ll do. Notice the satisfaction that comes with that and acknowledge yourself. Catch yourself if you have a story about how you “want to” be doing it, or you’re “trying to’” to do it. This language diminishes what you’re up to. This is you doing it, right now.

Reward yourself

When you’re taking actions–whether they’re new intimidating ones or the boring ones you’ve been putting off–reward yourself for the work you did. This takes the practice of acknowledgement a step further. It’s an incentive program for yourself. You can tailor the rewards to match the level of resistance you have around each action. For example, if I set up a networking coffee date, I’ll treat myself to a green smoothie. If I register 2 people in my workshop, I get a massage. If I bring in $1000 in new income this month, I get to register a fabulous retreat that I’d love to attend.

It’s all about being gentle with yourself, getting back at it, and having fun with it.

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    Learning a ton from these neat aritcles.

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