What Will They Think?

 I spent the morning with these 3 beauties in an Equine Assisted Learning session here in my neighborhood in Montana. Wow. It was powerful.

Just as I ask my clients, the facilitator Margo asked what I want to get out of my session.

  • I want to be more aware of how I’m BEING in my business.
  • I want to be confident, even though I’m scared shitless.
  • I want to be committed, but without an attached or convincing energy.
  • I want to level up and have a bigger impact without holding back.

Can you relate?

A good 99% of the women entrepreneurs who I coach want more confidence and less attachment. It’s a practice. And sometimes we fake it until we make it.

But there is no bullshitting a horse. They know. And I suspect, so do most of your potential clients.

Margo nodded her head and “Ok, go take those props and make a display that symbolizes what you want in your business. Then take this rope and walk the horse through it.”

I set up two barrels to walk through the gate of fear and desire. On the other side of it was my expanded thriving practice, full retreats, speaking engagements, a bigger audience, and my year-long coaching program.

I walked though a few times to demonstrate to the horse that this is what we’re going to do. When I held up the muzzle harness thingy, he wasn’t having it.

“That’s ok, I’m not attached,” I pretended and walked away. I looped back and tried again with my fake confidence, my friendly seduction strategy, my sly slow buildup. No sale. He could see right through me.

Women in business, this is for you: The only way to let go of attachment is let. it. go. From there, there is room for even more possibility.

I put down the rope.

When I finally let go of control, I was free to simply have fun. He seemed more at ease too. I played my game and let him simply observe. I walked through that gate again and again with increased confidence each time. I imagined my increased impact and income. It was a blast!

I realized that the horse represented YOU, and all of my judgements about your judgements of me. The “what will they think?” and the “how will they react?”

It’s you that I’m scared of. It’s you that my clients are scared of. Perhaps it’s all of us in this bid ol’ social media world that you are scared of too.


As I’m tripping about that, two more horses enter the field. Of course, I asked for a bigger audience, did I not??

Ok, I got this! As I walked my path, I gave a nod, a scratch here and there, but here’s the shift:

I didn’t need my observers to act any certain way. I didn’t even need for them to like me.

I was proud to be walking my path and serving my purpose.

Given their space, the horses chose to come closer to me. They were intrigued. Eventually, they were totally engaged with me. Even the horses next door peered over the fence!

This session was a huge reminder that if this city slicker can let go of the big scary “what will they think?” with 3 intimidating animals, I can certainly let go of it in my daily actions, social media posts, and conversations in my business.

I will not deny myself the joy of my purposeful work just because it can be intimidating.

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  • Jeannine - July 17, 2017 reply

    I have also had another session with Shari Montana @ MontanaQuest. It was amazing! We have so much to learn about ourselves from horses. I can’t wait to work this learning into my retreats.

  • Ethanael - July 18, 2017 reply

    Pleasing to find someone who can think like that.

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