I’m Jeannine.

I remember being the one to change the subject when someone asked “what do you do?” I wasn’t lit up by my 9-5 job. 

I felt shame for not doing something more creative, impactful, or fun. It felt totally out of alignment.

My inner Petrified Pollyanna wanted to keep me safe, pretending I loved it while I secretly resented my entrepreneurial friends. But, I clung to the illusion of security for years. I’m talking years.

I get the fear, the resistance, the clinging. 

I also get the longing to be excited about your work, the desire to create your own schedule, and the calling to have a bigger impact. 

And I truly understand the frustration of not knowing what to do with all of it.

The huge gift in my frustrating journey to find purposeful work is that I immersed myself in transformational growth work over the last 15 years. It shaped who I am.

The most influential include: the Center for Spiritual Living, Landmark Education, Accomplishment Coaching (an ICF certified coach training program), and the Wealthy Goddess coaching program.

I’m now clear on my purpose: I am a coach and a leader. I’m here to serve women entrepreneurs like you by coaching you through fear, resistance, and your “not good enough” story so you can promote yourself more confidently and be unstoppable.

I am here to partner with you to create more money, freedom, and impact in your purposeful work.

Check in with yourself.

Where are you clinging, resisting, avoiding?

Are you ready to move that out of the way and allow yourself to thrive in your business?

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