Ditch Your Money Hangups

What is the story that you made up about money? We all make up stories about money, such as: “I can only make just enough,” “I’ll have to work too hard,” or “I’m greedy if I have too much money.” These stories become… Read more
Jeannine117505622Ditch Your Money Hangups

What Will They Think?

 I spent the morning with these 3 beauties in an Equine Assisted Learning session here in my neighborhood in Montana. Wow. It was powerful. Just as I ask my clients, the facilitator Margo asked what I want to get out of my session.
  • I want to be more aware of how I’m BEING
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Jeannine117505622What Will They Think?

Getting Slippery About Honoring Your Word

We let ourselves off the hook here and there, right? But when we start to not do the things we say we’ll do, we begin to wire our brains to no longer believe ourselves. This week, take on this practice of honoring your word so that you keep creating.  … Read more
Jeannine117505622Getting Slippery About Honoring Your Word

Making It Personal Is Slowing You Down

Last month I had such a special birthday celebration with my wife and two dear childhood friends on Siesta Key, Florida. As we drank our white wine spritzers to make the most of a cloudy day, we found ourselves talking about Don Miguel Ruiz’s The Four Agreements. As… Read more
Jeannine117505622Making It Personal Is Slowing You Down

3 Tools to Speed Up Your Next Breakthrough

You might be wondering why all of your journaling, podcasts, and retreats are still not getting you to that HUGE breakthrough you’ve been wanting. The game changer. The once-and-for-all omg I finally GET IT breakthrough. There are a few things that you can do to… Read more
Jeannine1175056223 Tools to Speed Up Your Next Breakthrough