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Your Bold Badass Business Starter Kit is an interactive workbook full of provocative questions, practices, and exercises that will pull you forward into action.


This interactive Starter Kit will help you create these results:

  • Clear goals for your next step
  • Action plan with dates
  • Social media calendar
  • Accountable structure for self-care
  • Practices to promote yourself
  • Increased rates

Could you benefit from having these breakthroughs?

  • Confidence to share your work with pride
  • Self-love and the letting go of “Not Good Enough”
  • Creative expression to run your business in your style
  • Personal power with no need for people-pleasing anymore
  • Alllowing support to give up managing it all alone
  • Owning it that what you offer is amazing, valuable, and worth paying for

This Starter Kit was made to support you.

As leaders, coaches, healers, change makers, and creatives, the work that you do is so impactful. The people you’re inspired to serve are counting on you to bring your vision to life. Let’s be honest, YOU are counting on you too.

I acknowledge you for all it takes to keep saying yes to your purposeful work.


If you want to get all there is to get from the Starter Kit…

  • PLUS 6 weeks of group classes for accelerated growth
  • PLUS 6 individual coaching sessions for accountability
  • PLUS a powerful cohort of women entrepreneurs
  • PLUS resource sharing through our Facebook Group

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