Here’s what some of the badasses have to say…

The big breakthrough in working with Jeannine was being able to be vulnerable, supported, challenged, and acknowledged. In doing so, I’ve cut through my personal limitations. I stepped into my next level of client engagement. I loved the energy and the space that Jeannine created for us to be real with each other. It is so important to have the support of empowered women.– Sadie Schnitzler, Diwas Photography

The 3 most valuable nuggets I’m taking from Your Bold Badass Business are:
1. The important of attracting your ideal clients, and being ok with saying no to the rest.
2. How crucial it is to set-up juicy self-care time for myself in my calendar.
3.The power of declaring out loud to others what I want and when I’ll create it.
– Marisa Mangum, Interior Designer, Studio 8×3

During Your Bold Badass Business I stepped into a business partnership with a friend. The most valuable takeaway for me was the clarity and purpose of creating my “what for” statement. It’s amazing how my confidence has shifted in talking with potential clients. In fact, we signed two new contracts while in the container of this program.– Suzanne Duley, Architect, Studio 8×3


During Your Bold Badass Business, my money issue came into light. I’m now rewriting those old stories and have gained confidence in charging more for my services. I’ve also begun asserting more boundaries. I used my bold badassery in working with my designer to finish my website.– Sarah Moon, Zero Balancing Practitioner

Before I use to be overwhelmed by big goals. The structure of the program helped me figure out the steps and timeline I needed. And, that doing something—even if it’s not perfect—is better than doing nothing at all! In the short time of the coaching program I signed a lease on a photography studio, created a marketing plan, uploaded my online gallery, and launched a new offer of empowering women’s portraits.– Nicole M Ryan, Nicole M Ryan Photography

Jeannine held us to “what by when” goals, which was really important and useful for me to actually complete my tasks and accomplish what I wanted. I also shifted the way I’m speaking about what I do and offer, with way more confidence, and it is causing interest and creating new clients.– Joleen Black, Acupuncturist


My biggest a-ha has been that I can be myself, have fun, and be very successful. Success doesn’t mean that I have to wear a suit, sit in an office all day, and follow the rules. While I was in Your Bold Badass Business I declared that I’d sell a house, but I ended up selling 4 houses and becoming a top-producing real estate agent in my 8th month in the industry.– Melissa Harris, Real Estate Agent

Jeannine’s questions had me realize that I didn’t expect abundance in my life, so I wasn’t asking for what I deserved for my services and classes. I created 3 new classes while in Your Bold Badass Business and I charged what I was worth! I also got the new awareness that I don’t need to do it all alone. I’m now going to hire an employee, and create more self-care time for myself.– Jennifer Asmundson, Chef and Owner of Seattle Ginger

I used the declarations and accountability of the program to get a ton done! I secured a commercial kitchen, created vendor relationships, updated financial plans, and wrote my website copy. The valuable a-ha in it for me was that it all doesn’t have to be hard work; I get to enjoy the process.– Natalie Lamberjack, Founder of Sunrise Tacos